Royal Battery 1150K (12V 105AH)


Royal Battery 1150K (12V 105AH)

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Back Up Systems

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Complete protection against reduction of sulfuric acid
• Preventing electrolyte losses by collecting and returning
liquid to the reservoir
• Consistent starting performance
• High durability achieved by adoption of special wrought
lead calcium grids
• Low resistance envelope separator

The Royal calcium battery is a general purpose semi-sealed battery with a design life up
3 to 5 years in standby service.
Royal batteries uses specially alloyed calcium-lead, which leads to extrememly low levels of “electrolyte decrease”. Therefore there is no need to supplement distilled water if the charging system remains error-free.
Special liquid-gas separators keeps the electrolyte inside. An electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that behaves
as an electrically conductive medium. These separators are also used between the positive and negative plates of a lead acid
battery to prevent a short circuit through physical contact.
No filler caps are required therefore there is no electrolyte contamination, overwatering or damage in use. Unique wrought
lead-calcium grid design means less internal corrosion and efficient current conductivity for more power and
longer life. It also cuts gassing, resists overcharge,heat and thermal runaway.

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